Given the complexity of its operation and the need for stakeholder input, C-SPIN will have a Scientific Executive Committee (SEC), a Steering Committee and External Advisory Committee (EAC). The Coordination Office will be located at the Population Health Research Institute in Hamilton, Ontario; however, individual studies may be coordinated at any institution. Education and mentoring will be coordinated at the University of Calgary.


External Advisory Committee

Member     Position Institution
Dr. G. Wyse Professor Emeritus, Past Chair of CIHR Randomized Trials Committee University of Calgary
Prof. A. J. Camm Professor of Medicine, Chair of European AF Guidelines, Past President of the European Society of Cardiology St. George’s University, London, UK
Dr. D. Singer Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA
Dr. A. Lee Clinical Trials, Hematologist Diamond Health Care Centre, Vancouver, BC
Ms. K. Chidester Vice President, Health and Research

Heart and Stroke Foundation, Alberta, NWT & Nunavut

Ms. P. Aikman Director Stroke Services British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Ms. D. Bedini Director, Cardiac & Vascular Program Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, ON
Dr. J. Mioc Director, Medical Affairs Boehringer-Ingelheim Canada, Burlington, ON
Mr. D. Pattenden Chairman of Board Canadian Chapter of Arrhythmia Alliance

Scientific Executive Committee

Member Specialty Institution
Dr. J. Healey (Principal Investigator) Cardiology McMaster University
Dr. R. Sheldon (Deputy Principal Investigator) Cardiology University of Calgary
Dr. D. Birnie Cardiology University of Ottawa
Dr. S. Connolly Cardiology McMaster University
Dr. S. L. Carroll Nursing McMaster University
Dr. P. Dorian Cardiology University of Toronto
Dr. I. Graham Knowledge Translation University of Ottawa
Dr. R. Hart Vascular Neurology McMaster University
Dr. M. Hill Neurology University of Calgary
Dr. M. Sharma Neurology McMaster University
Dr. M. Talajic Cardiology University of Montreal
Dr. A. Tang Cardiology Western University
Dr. A. Verma Cardiology University of Toronto
Dr. L. Welikovitch Cardiology University of Calgary
Ms. A. Aquin Patient Partner Patient Engagement Committee

Our People

A key early success of C-SPIN has been the rapid and collegial integration of members from different groups within the multidisciplinary research network.

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