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Acronyms and Terminology

C-SPIN Patient Engagement Acronyms and Terminology – A PDF Acronym Buster created to improve the understanding of terms used on this site.

Resource Links

Heart and Stroke Foundation – Atrial Fibrillation – A webpage with information on “being pulse aware” of Atrial Fibrillation including symptoms, causes, getting diagnosed and treatment.

Heart and Stroke Foundation – Stroke – A webpage with information on understanding Strokes, signs, prevention, care, living with, and so much more.

Arrhythmia Alliance – A coalition working together to improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all affected by arrhythmias. A-A is comprised of charities, patient groups, patients, carers, medical groups and allied professionals.

Patient Advocacy Groups

Stroke Recovery Association of BC – A non-profit organization offering information and programs for stroke survivors, after they leave the hospital.

Organization Websites

American Heart Association – – A non-profit organization in the United States that fosters appropriate cardiac care in an effort to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke.

American Heart Association Atrial Fibrillation Information – A webpage with information on Atrial Fibrillation, including understanding risks, why AFib matters, symptoms, treatments and prevention methods.


Patient Engagement in C-SPIN



“Patient Engagement inOurPeople_CarrollSandra_Pic_v2 Research”

Sandra Carroll (C-SPIN member)

(Previously Recorded on November 17, 2015)

Dr. Carroll is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University in the School of Nursing. She is the Director of Clinical Health Professional Research, Hamilton Health Sciences and an Affiliate Researcher at Population Health Research Institute, Hamilton Health Sciences. Dr. Carroll holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and PhD from McMaster University. Dr. Carroll completed a CIHR Strategic Training Fellowship in the FUTURE Program for Cardiovascular Nurse Scientists and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship through the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario/Michael G. DeGroote Chair in Cardiovascular Nursing Research.


1. To gain an understanding about patient engagement in research.
2. To become familiar with steps to implement of patient engagement in research.
3. To learn how to include and retain patients in a network dynamic.